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Babban Bhai v/s Bimla Tai

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Babban Bhai v/s Bimla Tai is a very funny comedy series that relied two different kinds of persons against each other, and creates unique and comical situations that will make the viewers entertained with fun on each week.

The show has the roles, Babban Bhai -- who is the ‘unfit’ person to the pain yet much terrored mafia don of Mumbai, Bade Bhai -- and Bimla Tai Kirloskar, a touchy social activist known for her kind and violent emotions.
One day, Babban Bhai, out to prove his ability to his father, does something that makes him differ with Bimla Tai. And his life modifies forever throught a series of extremely funny and comical circumstances and adventurous.

The comedy thriller Babban Bhai v/s Bimla Tai marks with the TV debut of <a href="/node/65082">Bollywood</a> celeb Tanuja in the lead role of Bimla Tai Kirloskar.

==Type:== Drama(Comedy)

==Characters:== Babban Bhai

                                       Bimla Tai Kirloskar

==Produced & Directed By:== Yash Patnaik

==Casts:== Gaurav Gera

==Timings:== Telecast time: 12.00 A.M to 12.300 A.M

==When:== Telecasted on every Monday to Thursday.

==Which TV:== 9X