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Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

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The story begins with the marriage of a 21 year old village girl named Vidya who is an illiterate, with a 22 year old guy named Sagar Pratap Singh who comes from a rich origin of Thankur. This concept is all about the difficulties faced by the young girl after her discovery that her husband has got the immature state of mind due to an accident caused by the step sister of Sagar, sindoora. Sindora did not like the presence of sagar in the house.

So Sagar and Vidya goes to Singapore, where Sagar is been planned to be kidnapped by Sindoora’s gang. Vidya takes Sagar to the hospital for treatment where Sagar recovers. At the time of his recovery, Vidya is arrested with drugs. Thus she returns back to India. When Sagar came to know who Vidya is Sindoora succeeds in murdering both of them.

Eight months later Mahua gives birth to a boy who is a reincarnation of Sagar. A Priest tells Sindoora about her downfall when the boy reaches the age of 21. After hearing this, Rajev switches his son from another boy from the same ward. Sindoora thinking that this boy(Samrat) would lead to her downfall says Rajev that she would take care of him.

After the passage of 21 years Sindoora becomes a politician. Samrat invites his friend, Divya(reincarnation of Vidhya) from London for his birthday party. Samrat thought of marrying Divya inorder to gain her wealth.

When this kind of situation remains here, the story follows Divya, who goes to Banaras where she meets Amar,(Sagar is reincarnated as Amar) her tour guide. He has a brother Chintu, who s a reincarnation of Sagar’s cousin, Chinu. After few days Amar falls in love with Divya. But his friend Binya loves him. Knowing that Amar did not love her, Bindya went to commit suicide. But Divya stopped her and promised that Amir would marry Bindya.Divya returns to Delhi after filling Amir’s family with hatred. As soon after that Chintu faints and Amar decides to marry Bindya for Chintu’s operation. But Bindya put an end for their marriage when she comes to know that Amar marries her for money. Then Chintu comes to Delhi in search of Divya. While Divya was in benaras. Samrat was involved in Kamna, daughter of Chinu and Shalu.

At one night, Divya finds a letter written by Amir, revealing his true feelings about her. She goes home and tells Sindoora how she feels about Amar. But Sindoora had other plans. Amar was thrown out of the house for misbehavior with Kamna( Samrat requested Kamna to do so). This truth was revealed at their wedding, when Amir brought Kamna to say the truth.

Rajev reveals that he exchanged baies(Amar and Samrat). Finally when Samrat tried to shoot Amir Divya got hurt and she got cured after some months. Amir and Diya got married. Rajev pretended to be mad inorder to reveal Divya about the plans of Sindoora.

Directed By : Shakuntalam Teleflims

Created By : Ismail Umar Khan

Casts :

Divyanka Tripathi
Sharad Malhotra
Rajendra Gupta ...
Surinder Kaur ...
Kamya Panjabi ...
Rajesh Balwani ...
Himanshi Chaudhary/Ritu Vasisht
Harsh Vasishta
Faisal Raza Khan ...
Addite Shirwaikar/Shweta Dadhich
Punit Vashisht
Suhita Thatte ...
Renuka Bondre ...
Snehal Sahai
Kamini Kaushal
Neeta Shetty ...
Indraneil Sengupta...
Manish Nagdev

Timings : 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM

From : Monday to Friday

Comes on : <a href="/node/64414">Zee TV</a>