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Betiyaan is a story that conveys the mindset of most of the middle and upper class families. In such cases, this story deals with Suryakant Garodia, a male dominator who is a business man and richest individual in the society.

But as far his family is concerned, his wife(Savitri) gave birth to 3 daughters and expecting a child once again. The lack of even a single male heir is the only sorrow for Suryakant. And this time, his family pandit has predicted that the child would definitely be a male one.

And at last the day came. Its Diwali. Savitri gave birth to a female child which casts an unexpected spell on the expectations for a male child. She was named as “Lakshmi”. But soon then, doctors declared that due to some biological problems, she will never be able to conceive in future. Till then, Suryakant fulfilled all his responsibilities towards his daughters. But after this unexpected news, he marries Menka and being helpless Savitri accepts her.

Soon Menka gave birth to a male child and all the small ones grew bigger in the same roof. Menka and her son became more dominant in the family.

==Created by :== Creative Eye Limited

==Produced by :== Dheeraj Kumar & Zuby Kochhar

Cast :

    Rohini Hatangadi   
    Yatin Karyekar 
    Aishwarya Narkar  
    Tanushree Kaushal 
    Kshitee Jog 
    Neeta Shetty/Aleeza Khan

==Telecast time :== 10.00 P.M to 10.30 P.M (30 mins long)

==When :== Telecasted on Monday - Thursday

==Which TV :== <a href="/node/64414">Zee TV</a>