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Bharat Gas

Bharat Gas

Bharat Gas is a product of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). The Bharat Gas is a pioneer in the LPG market in India and is rendering its services for more than three decades. The company has 48 bottling plants and built up a marketing network comprising of over 7400 retail outlets and more than 2150 LPG distributors & 1000 SKO/LDO dealers across the country. At present, the Bharat gas has a coverage of around 25 million households across the country as well as hundreds of commercial and industrial establishments. Bharat gas has always been the frontrunner in maximizing the efficiency and in enhancing the customer satisfaction.

Products and Services of Bharat Gas

Bharat Gas offers its customers with several innovative services such as:

  • Easy access for consumers through various modes, in addition to online access.
  • Delivery of cylinders at your door step.
  • Supply of LPG through pipelines to residential complexes.
  • Accessing the rural consumers in the remote areas through the "Rural Marketing vehicle".
  • Provision of the new product “Bharat Metal Cutting Gas”, to enable the metal cutting & brazing industry to make a revolution.

Bharat Gas FAQ

Role of Bharat Gas in Pollution Control

Bharat gas holds a pivotal role in mitigating the vehicle pollution and acts as an environmentally friendly fuel. Bharat Petroleum was the first Oil Company to take the initiative for establishing 42 Auto LPG Dispensing Station (ALDS) and run vehicles on LPG as a pilot project in Delhi in October 1999 and based on its success, now the Bharat LPG has been widely used in auto rickshaws and cars in many cities.

Prominence of Bharat Gas in Industrial field

Another revolution of Bharat Gas is its entrance in the metal cutting industry. This LPG has been found to be an ideal substitute for the Acetylene, which is costly when compared to Bharat gas. The Bharat Metal Cutting Gas (BMCG) enables superior cutting of metal and brazing applications at an incredibly lesser cost. The BMCG has been the favored choice of companies like the SAIL, BHEL, BEML, Hindustan Ship Yards, L&T, Indian Railways, and Godrej etc.

Initiative of Bharat Gas in piped cooking gas distribution

In addition, Bharat Petroleum has been associated with a large number of housing projects in metro cities as well as major cities in the country for the provision of the piped LPG for domestic consumption. The company offers assistance in the designing, installation, and commissioning of the gas pipe line. Also, Bharat Gas ensures 24 hours gas supply, in addition to arranging for the periodical inspection as well as maintenance of the facility through the BPCL network.