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Bharat Gas Online Booking

Bharat gas offers various ways to book cylinder for its customers, one of which is Online booking.

Bharat Gas Online Booking

Online booking of Bharat Gas can be done from the official site of Bharat Gas. Here are the steps to order new cylinder/refill request -

  • Log on to
  • Bharat gas customers can register for the online customer service to get the registration id or the username and the respective password. During the time of registration, the user should create his/her own login and password.
  • The login id and the password will enable the user to access all the information about Bharat gas and also to interact online. These should be done in a secure environment.
  • The user can place the order for the refill of the cylinder on the site.
  • Applicant should mention the date and time he/she desires the service of refill delivery.
  • The online interface of Bharat gas also provides a history of earlier orders, it is sometimes useful to look at the previous order as Bharat gas deliver cylinder after at least 21 days of previous delivery.
  • The user can get the reminder service as he/she will be reminded from time to time regarding different matters of the Bharat Gas.

After the online submission of the application for new connection/cylinder refill, the applicant will have to wait for the response. Once the response is received from the Bharat gas representative, you will be assisted to pick the nearest choice. You have to submit some of the required documents to complete new connection procedure.

For refilling of the gas cylinder one can call the nearest distributor, or can also make the online order booking. For more queries and information you can visit Bharat Gas New Connection

List of documents to be submitted for the Bharat gas connection are followed

You can also apply for the Bharat gas connection online but will need following documents for authentication.

  • A photocopy of your ration card.
  • A copy of your voter id card, passport copy as proof your identification.
  • A copy of your electricity bill, telephone bill and a copy of your residential address.
  • A copy of address proof or the house possession letters.

Now after submission of the above documents, your online booking application will be cross-checked and then the new gas connection will be allotted to you.

Steps to be followed after gas allotment

  • After the completion you will have to collect your Subscription voucher and domestic gas consumer card.
  • The domestic consumer card will be useful at the time shifting the gas connection or at the time of termination of the gas connection.