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Bilaspur Rajdhani Express

Normally, Rajdhani trains are named on basis of their destinations. However, the Bilaspur Rajdhani Express is an exception. This train runs from Howrah to New Delhi. Yet, it is named Bilaspur Rajdhani Express. This is because this train originally ran from Bilaspur to New Delhi but has now been extended up to Howrah in West Bengal..

Bilaspur Rajdhani Express Train No. 2441 runs from Howrah to New Delhi. This train is a bi weekly one and runs on Friday and Saturday. The train begins from Howrah at 09.25 PM. It reaches Bilaspur at around 8 AM the next day and reaches New Delhi at 6.05 AM on the third day of the travel. The train covers the distance over a time span of 32 hours and 40 minutes. It makes 14 stops over its 2221 kms journey. Tatkal facility is available on this train. A 1st AC ticket costs Rs. 4445, a 2nd AC ticket costs Rs. 2665 and a 3rd AC ticket costs 2040.

Bilaspur Rajdhani Express Train No. 2442 runs from New Delhi to Howrah. It offers 1st AC, 2nd AC and 3rd AC berths to all passengers. It runs on Wednesday and Thursday only. The train begins its journey at 8.40 PM and reaches Howrah at 4.30 AM on the third day of travel. It reaches Bilaspur at 4.50 PM on the second day of the travel. In all, it takes 31 hours and 10 minutes to complete the journey.