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Can A Person Change The Boarding Station?

To board a train under the network of India Railway the passenger will have to abide by the boarding rules and regulations as stated by the railway authority. In case if the passenger is making any change in the travel plan he or she will have to abide by the rules stated by the authority.

While making changes in the travel plan the passenger may require to pre pone or post pone the reservation, he or she may require to change the boarding station, the passenger may require to beak the journey at any intermediate station etc. in all these cases the passenger will have to follow some rules and execute some procedures to avail these facilities.

Sometimes the passenger may require changing the boarding station or shifting to any other station from where he or she will be boarding the train for their destination. This facility is available under the terms and the laws mentioned by the Indian railway. The passenger who wishes to change the boarding station should submit a written request to the station manager of the actual boarding station. He or she can also contact the nearby reservation centre. But the contact should be made 24 hours before the departure of the train.

If the passenger wishes to change the boarding station and once it is done the passenger will lose all rights to board the train from the previous boarding station. Once the changes are made it will be final and no further changes can be made. The passenger will not be given any refund for the unused portion of the journey. If the passenger is found to be travelling without any proper travel authority the passenger then will have to pay the fare with penalty between the original boarding station and the changed boarding station.