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Champak magazine

Champak is one of the most read magazines by the children. Its name originated from the name of a tropical flower. Champak was founded by Vishwa Nath and it is being published by the Delhi Press Group since 1968. Champak is currently being published in eight different languages in India like Hindi, Marathi, Malyalam, Tamil, English, Kannanda, Gujrati and Telegu and its popularity in other languages is as much as in Hindi.

Popularity & Entertainment

Today champak is not only a matter of entertainment for children, but it also includes moral based stories. That is why today champak also is famous among all the age groups right from small children to the grandparents.

In today’s world where television has overruled all the aspects of entertainment, but reading habit persists which has maintained the popularity of Champak even today for which parents deserve most of the credit for inspiring their children to read books.

Contents of Champak

The stories are so attractive that children could not keep themselves away from reading it. Right from the king of the jungle to the notorious monkey, all of them add to the adventure of the stories. It mainly covers stories of a jungle named Champak van. It also contains puzzles, colorful comics, jokes and many more at a reasonable rate. It also includes some knowledgeable things which increase curiosity amongst the children to know about new things. It includes puzzles like join dots and make pictures etc.

Some facts about Champak

The new champak multimedia edition includes many attractive things. Some facts on Champak magazine is given below:

(a) Champak Fortnightly Magazine is Shipped Worldwide.
(b) Champak Fortnightly Magazine Prices include shipping charges.
(c)Champak Fortnightly Magazine is shipped usually within 2 days.
(d)Transit time is 12 to 15 working days.

Way to Purchase

Nowadays order can be placed online also. In some countries postal services are used like INDIA. The delivery address may change from time to time.