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Chennai Airport

Chennai Airport consists of domestic airport terminals, international airport terminals, and a cargo terminal. It is the third busiest airport in India after Mumbai and Delhi airports and the largest cargo flight terminal of India. Chennai Airport is the first airport in India.

Chennai airport is the hub for many airlines including Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Paramount Airways, Air India etc., it is reported that Chennai Airport transits 3 million passengers approximately in the year 2008 for international travel and 7 million passengers approximately for domestic travel in the same year.

Terminals of Chennai Airport:

The first terminal was built in Meenambakkam and called as Meenambakkam Airport. It was then expanded till Tirusulam, adjacent area nearer to Meenambakkam. The Meenambakkam airport became the Cargo Flight terminal of Chennai.The Tirusulam airport sections became the passenger operation center of the Chennai airport.

Chennai Airport serves the domestic flights and the international flights that operate from Chennai or through Chennai. The airport is called as Kamarajar domestic Airport terminal named after Ex- minister, late Mr.Kamarajar of TamilNadu. The airport is called as Anna International Airport named after the Ex-Minister Late Mr. Anna Durai of TamilNadu.

Expansion: The Chennai present Airport handles 25 aircraft per hour and expected to be saturated by the year 2015. The new airport is expected to be ready by then and the airport expansion plans are allocated to the collaborative effort of 4 different construction companies by now.

The new expansion would require the acquisition of some areas of Manapakkam, Tharapakkam and nearly 1000 houses are to be demolished for this expansion. The rehabilitation and replacements for the residents are planned by the government already. The new airport expansion is planned to have a walk elevator that joins the old airport for 1 Km of length.

The new domestic airport and old international airport are expected to be connected with the help of taxiways. Also, the present government has sanctioned a greenway airport in Sri Perambudur apart from the current expansion plan to handle more passengers in Chennai airport. AAI Airport Authorities of India are responsible for the expansion and renovation of Chennai Airport.

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