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Chennai Shatabdi Express

Chennai Shatabdi Express connects Bangalore with Chennai. The former is the capital of Karnataka and the latter is the capital of Tamil Nadu. The distance is small enough for a Shatabdi Express to run on regular basis. That is the reason why this train runs on all days except Tuesdays. One feature of this train is that it has more stops as compared to <a href="/node/65993">Mysore Shatabdi Express</a> which connects Mysore to Chennai via Bangalore.

Chennai Shatabdi Express No. 2027 and 2028 pass through Katpadi and Bangalore Cantonment stations before reaching Bangalore City Junction and Chennai Central respectively.

Train No. 2027 run from Chennai Central to Bangalore City. This is a 362 km run that begins at 5.30 PM and ends at 10.30 PM. The journey takes 5 hours in all and all passengers travel either by 1st AC seats or by AC Chair car seats. The cost of a 1st AC ticket is Rs. 1075 and an AC Chair Car ticket is Rs. 580.

Train No. 2028 runs from Bangalore City station to Chennai Central station. The journey begins at 6 AM and ends at 11 AM. The entire journey is covered in 5 hours with practically just one stop ie.e. Katpadi. The total distance covered is 362 kms. The fare for this train is Rs. 965 for 1st AC and Rs. 510 for AC Chair Car seats.