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Cholamandalam Home Insurance

Key Benefits

A home is where you go to feel safe, protected, comfortable and cherished. We offer you just those feelings of secuirty with Cholamandalam Home Insurance.

  • Complete coverage for your valuables and assets
  • Protection for yourself and loved ones
  • Finest protection for your home
  • Coverage includes pets, precious jewellery, appliances and also your holidays.

Categories of Coverage

  • Building: damage caused by fire, explosions, lightening, falling objects like aircrafts, vandalism caused by strikes, riots, or terrorist attacks; natural calamities like shock & fire from earthquakes, floods, cyclones, storms, impact from landslides, bush fires, leakage or overflow of water tanks, sprinklers
  • Jewellery: Any misfortune or accidents within India
  • Contents: damage caused by house break-ins, theft or burglary
  • Domestic Appliances: either mechanical or electrical breakdown of appliances that cause damage or total loss

Cholamandalam Home Insurance even covers your holidays and vacations as follows:

  • Exclusive Benefit of Cancellation of Vacation: In the unforeseen event of your pre-planned vacation being cancelled because of stated reason or circumstances; you would be reimbursed the non-refundable payment portions arising from cancelling your hotel or resort rooms’ reservations.
  • Personal Accident: Coverage in the event of loss of life for the Insured and 4 persons and for repatriation of bodily remains.

Cholamandalam Home Insurance comes to at extremely attractive, low, flexible and convenient premium rates. A general indication of exclusions under the policy is wear and tear, pollution and contamination, nuclear attacks and war perils.