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Cine Blitz is basically a Bollywood film and gossip magazine published in the territory of India. Unlike other popular film magazines of Bollywood, Cine Blitz is based out of Mumbai. The magazine is owned by the VJM Media Group under the super stylish businessman, Dr. Vijay Mallya.

History of Cineblitz

Cine Blitz was originally established by Russy Karanjia's Rifa Publications sometime in December, 1974. Rita Mehta was the first Editor-in-chief of the magazine. Cine Blitz is mainly famous for its star attractions, if we go back in time, we can find that the first issue of the magazine had yesteryear actress Zeenat Aman adorning its cover page. In order to start the magazine in flying colors, Rita Mehta had approached Protima Bedi and asked her to do a streak run in Mumbai, the photos of which would be published in the inaugural issue. The issue triggered a controversy but managed to put the magazine into limelight. In the next few years to come, Cine Blitz became one of the favorites and India's leading glamour and gossip magazine. What made it even more famous was its catchy tagline- “C to Z of Hindi Films- Everyone covers AB ", referring clearly to the overwhelming popularity of Amitabh Bachchan in the Indian media.

The rights of the publication of the magazine were taken over by the VJM Media Group in 2001 when Dr. Vijay Mallya acquired a 100% share in Rifa Publications in two periods. But the editor-in chief remained intact as Rita Mehta continued on. In the next few years, looking at its extravagant success, the group added three more publications to its line up, Hi! Blitz, OK! India and Hi! Living.

After years of repeated success, the owners of the magazine finally decided in 2003 to go international and started to publish their issues in USA and UK also other than India. And in 2006, the magazine finally witnessed a change in its post of editor-in-chief as Rita Mehta gave way to Nishi Prem, the former editor of "Stardust", another Bollywood film magazine.

Contents of Cineblitz

Being a gossip magazine, the variety in articles is less compared to other forms of magazines, yet Cine Blitz is rich in flavor.

News: the initial pages contain all the news from the world of Bollywood.
Events: then there comes the list of events taking place or going to take place in the celebrity world and all the fun.

Interviews: the next section covers all the interviews of the leading actors, directors, producers and other people of the film fraternity.

Previews and Reviews: this section covers all the previews and sneak-peaks of the eagerly awaited releases and critical reviews of newly released films.

Yesteryears: articles about the stars of the previous decades are contained in this section of the magazine.

Apart from these, the magazine also sports glossy advertisements, photo gallery and a section which is meant specifically for reviews and suggestions from the readers.

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