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Circular Journey Ticket

In Indian Railway various kinds of tickets are available taking into the varied needs of its commuters. Circular Journey ticket is such a ticket which is flexible in nature that suits to tourists or business men. These categories of people tend to travel a lot in trains. Fare of such ticket is highly subsidized. As journey commences and ends at the same station this kind of ticket is also known as Round Tour Ticket.

Supplementary charge and Development Charge are collected once at the time of purchasing such ticket. Irrespective of the number of journeys made such charges are not recurring that is a great benefit of such ticket. However, reservation charge is taken on each leg of journey. Journey is flexible and the route is to be specified by the passenger. A maximum of eight Break Journeys is permissible during the entire tour. A passenger can break his or her journey at any station without the usual distance restriction. But the entire journey must be completed within the validity period of ticket. 400 kilometers is calculated as one day and when the validity period is calculated the break journey period is added to calculate the validity period of such ticket.

Railway also has got some standard itineraries that vary from Zone to zone considering the tourism factor in view. In this standard itinerary passenger need not specify his route but agrees to travel on the specified route. This is for tourism purpose as such route tends to cover all places of tourism interest.
If one wants to break one’s journey the ticket is required to be endorsed while breaking and commencing journey. Ticket Examiner or Station Master posted in a station is authorized to endorse on such ticket.

If anyone has got such plan one can approach the competent authority to purchase such ticket. Remember such ticket is not available directly in traditional booking counters. It is available in all Divisional headquarters. However, some station masters of important stations are allowed to issue such ticket. Ticket so purchased is non transferable as this is made on a particular person’s name.