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Comedy Circus

Comedy Circus

This show is a reality based comedy show here the contestant are perform along with professional comedian partners. This show performs on a extremely spirited and challenging stage.

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Comedy Circus is a unique reality-based comedy format show.
The show is created by the Optimystix Creative Team, this Mega Laugh Riot with the tag line 'Jodi jamegi, public hassegi' guarantees hysterics for 13 weeks on <a href="/node/64466">Sony TV</a>.

This show brings celebrities together to perform with professional comedian partners on a highly competitive stage.

The show will see seven popular television actors teaming up to train under well-known stand-up comedians. Comedy Circus is a show where Hindi television's soap stars perform stand up comedy.

Paired with the "finest" stand up talent from India and Pakistan these soap stars perform on stage along with their "stand up comedy partners" for 13 weeks in a grueling battle for supremacy to decide which "soap star" can be the best stand up comic.

Shruti Seth
The panel of two judges include
Achana Puran Singh
Satish Shah


Actor like Urvashi Dholakia (Komolika), stage-cum-television actor Ketaki Dave, Karishma Tanna, Ali (Kamal) Asgar, Kiran (Om) Karmarkar, Swapnil Joshi and Varun Badola will be seen on this show.

They will team up with well-known stand-up comedians like Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqui, Deepak Dutta, Pratap Faujdar, Khayali Saharan, Kashif Khan and Sunil Sanwra.
The panel of two judges consists of famous comedian Satish Shahand the awesome Archana Puran Singh! The bubbly and cheerful Shruti Sheth will host the show and will be instrumental in motivating and encouraging the jodis week after week.

These unusual jodis will compete for the top position of Comedy Circus over 13 weeks. Every week, the judges and the studio audiences will nominate two of the weakest jodis, who will be voted out by the participants themselves.

This program airs on sony on Saturday at 10 pm.