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Competition Success Review

Competition Success Review, or commonly known as CSR is a very popular and well accepted general knowledge magazine in India. It is also India's largest selling magazine in this category and a leader for the past four decades. CSR is preferred across the length and breadth of the country by students who aim to overcome the tough competitive entrance exams.

History of CSR

Competition Success Review started its journey in the Indian market in 1964 and over these years, the organization has had a graph which has always been on the rising mode. Its journey so far can be put in comparison with that of the river Ganga along its course. Starting on a modest note, they go through a treacherous course prior to reaching its destination. CSR has now entered its 44th year of successful venture. As per the National Readership Survey of 2001, the magazine emerged as the largest selling magazine among all monthlies and weeklies with a total readership of 7.4 million readers.

The founder and managing director of Competition Success Review is Mr. S. K. Sachdeva and the organization's marketing director is Mrs. Vandana Badhwar. CSR is published by Competition Review Private Ltd. It also started its Hindi edition from August, 2002.

CSR is read by the young, ambitious and talented youth of India.


Competition Success Review's content includes General Knowledge Trivia with a specific eye on India's current affairs, tips for college interviews, and question banks for various entrance exams.

Every issue starts with a cover story relating to some current event in India or in the Global circuit. It is then followed by some sports knowledge and trivia. The section of group discussion comes next in its pages where readers express their opinions on any growing problem or situational matters. There is also the editor's note which sends a very meaningful message to the masses every time. There is also the section which gives information on various colleges and other educational institutions in India and sample question papers.

Guiding the youth of the nation to the summit of success is the motto of CSR and it is reflected in its every issue.

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