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Confetti Magazine

Confetti is a monthly magazine published in India. It is owned by Confetti Media, a media group founded jointly by Preeti Tewari and Vinod Srinivas, both from Bengaluru. Confetti is mainly a couple’s lifestyle magazine, and is also the ace in its field in India. It caters on various topics such as relationships, sex, health, careers, fashion statements and trends, beauty, all primarily putting their focus on couples.

History of Confetti

The publications of Confetti were started in September, 2006 which means that the magazine is relatively new in the market. When the magazine was first initiated, Lyola Thomas was given the prestigious job of editor. She is now with The Times of India. In its initial issues, the magazine lacked clarity and didn't send a clear message. Some felt it was too much sexually revealing, while some on the other hand felt it pressed much on the intellectual side. Thus it left several sections of people confused. And due to these reasons, in January, 2007, Lyola was removed from the post of editor. Then, co-founder Vinod Srinivas took over the job with full responsibility of giving direction to the magazine. Since then till date, the magazine has clarity and direction with a slapstick and whacky style of writing which has helped the magazine earn the reputation it has today.

The Confetti started with a tagline of “Life’s a party". The concept behind being that life is like a party and every moment should be enjoyed. It was fine during the first few issues but gradually readers felt that Confetti was taking the shape of a page3 or gossip magazine. And with the exit of Lyola, the tagline too was changed. It then read as "A lot like Love" and has been retained till date.


The contents of the magazine are primarily based on relationships and their changing forms, articles on how to maintain healthy marriages in today's fast paced life etc. Confetti also sports articles and columns dealing with modern day sex-life of couples and changing forms of physical romance. This section has often raised eyebrows in a country like ours. Contents on health and nutrition also feature in issues of Confetti. But the best and the most popular section of the magazine is the fashion section. From new dressing trends to fashion tips to beauty contains all. And last but surely not the least comes the advertisements, after all, without them, no magazine can look good.

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