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Dalit Voice Magazine

History of Dalit Voice

Being published from Bangalore, Dalit Voice has already become one of the famous magazines discussing political issues in India. It mainly focuses on the Dalit movement in India regarding their own needs and wanting, as they are considered to be the most deprived class of India. The full name of the magazine is “Dalit Voice” which itself reflects the aim of the magazine. V.T rajshekhar, former journalist of “INDIAN EXPRESS” laid the foundation of this magazine in 1981. He himself is the editor of the magazine.

Contents of Dalit Voice

This magazine has been nominated for a check for its NEUTRALITY. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY explained the magazine as “characterized by strong anti-Brahminist, anti-caste and anti-racist stance, advocacy of liberation from Brahmanism, and polemical tone. Self-proclaimed as "the sole spokesman for the entire deprived, dehumanized lot of India...”, -- Dalits, Backward Castes, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, women -- "all victims of the Aryan Brahmin cal racism”. The articles that are found to attack Hinduism, Zionism, Jews and American Neo-conservatism are highlighted in the magazine. This magazine focuses upon the beliefs and ideas of above mentioned.

It was said in the magazine that the September 11 attack in 2001 on America was nothing but a created conspiracy by the Zionists who controlled the administration of Mr.George .W. Bush. Then to conclude we can say that Dalit Voice is a magazine that has a bunch full of politics highlighted in it.

Target Readers

The target readers of the Dalit Voice are obviously, especially the Dalits of India. But the main shortcoming behind targeting them is that most of them are uneducated. Consequently they don’t get that much of opportunity to go through it. Another reason is their poverty; most of them can’t even afford it. But politically aware educated Indian Society keep in touch with this magazine regularly.

Contact Details of Dalit Voice

Dalit Voice
109, 7th Cross, Palace Lower Orchards
Bangalore – 560003
Phone: 91-80-23366771