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Damaged Passport Replacement

It is easy to get a Damaged Passport Replacement, if your passport has been damaged. It will take approximately six to eight weeks to get a replacement for your Indian passport. There is a tatkal scheme for the people who have an emergency need for travel. In tatkal scheme it might take approximately seven to ten days to get a replacement passport.

If your Indian passport is damaged and you have to travel urgently due to an emergency like serious illness or death in the family then you should submit a special request to the passport officer, explaining the emergency and submit all documents required for issue of replacement passport with proof of emergency to get a limited validity passport. Such limited validity passports can be issued easily for those who have submitted copies of their damaged passport along with the original passport in damaged state.

Replacement of Passport
For replacement of passport an application must be submitted with required documents either personally or a representative can apply if carrying an authority letter.
The documents required are as follows,

  • Replacement passport application form which is same as new passport application
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Damaged passport.
  • Address proof (old passport photocopy if available)
  • Educational qualification certificates photocopy
  • Date of birth proof
  • Notary for loss of passport(another notary is required if applying for tatkal)
  • An urgency letter for tatkal

Fee and Mode of Payment
Fee for issuing replacement passport (36 pages) is Rs. 2500/-.
Fee for issuing replacement passport (60 pages) is Rs. 3000/-.
Additional Fee for issuing replacement passport in Tatkal is Rs. 2500/-
Fee can be paid either through Demand Draft in the name of passport officer concerned or in Cash.

It is difficult to get a replacement passport more than once as habitual damage of passports are denied further passport services. So it is strongly recommended to take care of the passport.