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Deparizo Airport

Deparizo Airport is a very small domestic airport of Deparizo in Arunachal Pradesh. The Airports Authority of India is the operator of this airport and its airport code is DEP. This airport is not operational at present. Other airports close to Deparizo airport are Daparizo Airport (56 km), Zero Airport (60 km), Along Airport (61 km), Lilabari Airport (79 km), Mohanbari Airport (96 km) and Dibrugarh Airport (97 km). Out of all these airports, only Dibrugarh Airport in Assam is operational.


 The airport is located in the city of Deparizo in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Its geographical coordinates are Longitude: 50° 4’ 26” E and Latitude: 31° 0’ 58” N. Taxis are the best means of reaching the airport for travelers.


The airport has single domestic terminal with very small peak hour passenger handling capacity. At present this airport is not functional to commercial airlines.

Also because of very few takers of this airport, there is no provision of food and beverages here. Travelers can only get drinking water and washrooms here. There are no lounges or snacks and drink counters available.

Contact Information 

Contact Information is as follows: Address Airport-in-Charge Airports Authority of India (NAD) Deporizo Airport, Deporizo Arunachal Pradesh