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Desh Magazine

Among the numerous Bengali magazines Desh has a very significant place. It is a renowned literary magazine. Well known publisher of India, Ananda Publishers bring out this magazine. The magazine has a very glorious history. Desh is a very old publication and has been edited by dignitaries like Sagarmoy Ghosh in the past. At present Harsha Dutta is the editor of this prestigious magazine.

Content of Desh Magazine

After the demise of Sagarmoy Ghosh, Desh started publishing mostly non-fiction works. It also publishes essays on current affairs and on topics of great historical and cultural interest. Earlier it was a pure literary magazine but now it has drifted to being a more contemporary-affairs oriented magazine.

Circulation of Desh magazine

The magazine had a wide circulation previously because of the heavy names associated with it. Desh was edited for sometime by noted journalist and Ramon Magsaysay award winner Amitava Chowdhury. There was a time when Desh was considered as the best literary magazine among the intellectual Bengalis. But the circulation of the magazine has been affected in recent times.

Till 90s Desh was famous for its unparalleled literary views, the best in the Bengali literature magazine circle. The present editor is trying to increase quality content in the magazine to regain the glory. In the competitive market today it is very difficult to manage quality and business strategy together. But if the quality of the articles is improved a bit the magazine can definitely regain its hold on the masses. Still Desh holds a respected position in Bengali speaking intellectuals.

Another achievement of the magazine is that it has started a fortnightly book-review issue called Boier Desh. In this issue latest books are reviewed by well known critics.

Contact Address of Desh Magazine

6, Prafulla Sarkar Street, Kolkata: 700 001s