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Dhak Dhakk in Dubai

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Dhak Dhakk in Dubai represents the uncertainity of a Gujarati girl Sheetal Patel who wants to marry a Punjabi boy, and Vir Singh who wants to marry a Gujarati girl. Life turns upside down when Vir meets Sheetal. Dhak Dhakk in Dubai is about Jumble, confusion, and lots of characterized humour which will leave the viewers in fun and entertained.

Screening at beautiful locations in Dubai and Sharjah, Dhak Dhakk in Dubai gives a complete unpleasant of ecstasy, cheer and comedy which will help viewers to have a good entertainment.

The character Sheetal is the main role depicted with interest. She is a Gujarati who loves a Punjabi, and the story revolves around her and Vir and how life turns upside-down when they meet each other.

==Type:== Drama

==Characters:== Sheetal Patel


Rasik Sarabhai

Preeti Mehta

==Produced By:== Edit II Productions.

==Casts:== Shruti Seth
Puneet Vashisht
Tarun Khanna
Chandana Sharma

==Timings:== Telecast time: 10.30 P.M to 11.00 P.M

==When:== Telecasted on Tuesdays.

==Which TV:== 9X