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Dhandayuthapani Temple

Dhandayuthapani Temple is located at Palani near Madurai in Tamilnadu-south India, The houses one of the most sacred temples of Lord Muruga and is the third Aarupadai veedu. Palani Andavar is also worshipped by other names such as Dandayudha swami, Kulandaivelan etc. The temple is itself known by several other names such as Thiru avinangudi, Vayyapuri and so on. There are so many steps to reach from the ground to reach the Dhandayuthapani Temple.

The History of the Lord is Lord Subramanya got angry with his Father and mother because of their judgment on him for offering a fruit. In a competition his brother Ganesh got the fruit from his parents. So Subramanya got angry and went out and stand on the Palani hill.

Daily pujas to the deities are performed six times a day. Thai pusam and Punguni Uthiram are celebrated with grandeur. Devotees are known to reach the temple on the foot even from cities as far as Chennai or Tirunelveli.

The best time to visit the Dhandayuthapani Temple is from September to March.There are several hotels in Palani and Madurai for low class and high class peoples.

The nearest airport to Palani is Madurai it is connected by air with Mumbai and Chennai. Madurai airport is 10km from the city. Madurai has Rail connections to Mumbai, Chennai, Kollam, Rameshwaram, Bangalore, Thanjavur, Thiruchirapalli, Tirunelveli, Thirupathi and Tuticorin etc. There are excellent road connecting between all parts of the to reach the temple.Through these we reach upto ground of the hill we reach the temple by foot or by rope car. In Dhandayuthapani temple Peple's are not allowing to take photos.