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Dharam Veer

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The story begins with the introduction to the 13th century Kingdom of Aryanagar. A land divided into the royalty – the Aryavartas & the slaves – the shramiks. While the Aryavartas are in charge of managing the affairs of the State, providing for & taking care of the needs of the slaves; the shramiks fulfill their duties towards the State by devoting their lives & their work towards the welfare of the Kingdom. The King – Aryavardhan believes that the system works well for the welfare of the Kingdom. However, unknown to him, there is dissent & frustration creeping in amongst the slaves – brought on by the humiliation & brutality they have to face at the hands of the older brother of Aryavardhan – Jaivardhan.
Seeing Jaivardhan mercilessly whip an old man unable to fulfill his tasks; Soma – a young slave dares to voice his dissent. While Aryavardhan gives him his freedom banishing him from the Kingdom; Jaivardhan makes a mockery of this decision by killing Soma.
It is in this time & place that Soma’s son takes birth believed by the slaves to be the “one” who will save them for the tyranny of the Aryavartas & give them what they long for – their freedom. Aryavardhan & Jaivardhan are informed about the birth of the messiah of the slaves, the destroyer of the centuries old traditions & regime of the Aryavartas. Jaivardhan decides to take matters into his own hands, he sets the entire slave colony ablaze, killing all new born children – in order to ensure that the messiah of the slaves fails to see the dawn of day.
Soma’s son escapes certain death as his mother sets him adrift in a casket. He is picked up by Nivriti – the widowed sister of Aryavardhan who decides to adopt him & bring him up as her own son – as Veer, as an Aryavarta. The king jubilates over the birth of Veer & tells Nivriti that his son – Dharam & Veer will be brought up alike, be brothers & friends whose names will be taken in unison, whose love & togetherness will be immortal.

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==Type:== Adventure

==Characters:== Dharam

==Produced By:== Sagar Arts

==Casts:== Rajat Tokas
Vikrant Massey
Harssh Rajput
Mughda Chapekar
Mehul Vyas

==Timings:== Telecast time: 8.00 P.M to 8.30 P.M
Re-Telecast time: 11.00 P.M to 11.30 P.M

==When:== Telecasted on Monday to Friday.
Re-Telecasted on Monday to Friday

==Which TV:== NDTV Imagine