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Diploma in Teaching in India

Teaching like nursing is a noble profession mainly the domain of women who want to pay social service to the society.In the past, “teaching” was looked down upon as a job not worth pursuing but currently it is one of the most sought after lucrative profession.To become a teacher, apart from skills and knowledge penchant for teaching is also required.Many teaching courses are offered by private and government bodies to enhance the expertise of teaching community.

Information and communications technology has become a vital resource in teaching and learning.

Teachers need to be able to approach new technology competently and with confidence so that they can develop their students capabilities and improve their own professional practice and make a vital contribution to their institute’s goals in education and training.

The diploma equips teachers with the knowledge necessary to achieve those goals. The diploma is awarded to students who successfully complete four assignments and these diploma assignments are organized in four modules of planning, managing, assessing and evaluating the use of ICT in teaching and learning.

The diploma involves approximately 180 hours of preparation including formal professional development activities, individual and group study and preparation of the assignments.

One can go for teaching courses after 10+2, graduation, post-graduation and even after research programmes. DIET course after 10+2 is for people who will be qualified to teach nursery level. It’s a two year course and one can do it through regular mode.

B.ED is done after graduation and eligibility is degree in any stream with 50 per cent marks. MED can be taken up after post-graduation. Teaching courses are done through regular or open sytem.Universities like IGNOU hold an entrance test for such courses and even regular universities conduct the entrance test to attract the best talent.

Universities work in partnerships with a wide range of centres around the world where diploma programmes are available, from individual schools or colleges running-inhouse programmes for teachers, from training centres offering external programmes to teachers and trainees , to university departments, committed to improve their teaching skills.

Off beat diplomas like Post graduate diploma in Music teaching are also available. Diploma in teaching young (deaf and hard of hearing) can also be pursued.

Thus teaching has been revered by great personalities as the most enduing profession and teaching can never lose its sheen and will always be needed even with the IT revolution.