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Disable Lost ICICI ATM Card

If you have lost your ICICI ATM card or it has been stolen, do the following -

An ICICI Bank Debit Card or ATM Card makes your payments and banking transactions much easier and secure through an electronic payment facility directly from your Savings or Current Account with ICICI Bank. An ICICI ATM card is provided by the bank as part of the ICICI Bank opening kit at the time of opening the bank account. You can also contact the ICICI customer care and request for a new debit card.

  • 1. Immediately contact ICICI PhoneBanking on the following ICICI Phone numbers and disable your ICICI ATM Card.
  • 2. To disable your ATM card you have to tell your ICICI Account number to the phone bank service along with account ID and maybe the date of birth.
  • 3. Normally you can either disable the ATM Card on a temporary basis or can block it permanently. If you think you can get your ATM Card back, disable it temporarily otherwise do it permanently.
  • 4. You can also ask for reissue of the ICICI ATM Card which will cost you about Rs 200. The ATM card will be dispatched in a week's time along with Pin Number to your registered communication address.

Lost Card liability feature: 

We can use our ICICI Bank Debit Card to shop in a store, online or anywhere. With ICICI Bank “Zero Liability feature”, card holder's liability for unauthorized transactions is zero. 

  • Only purchases at stores using the ICICI Bank Debit Card are covered under this feature.
  • Transactions conducted at an ATM or online using the ICICI ATM or Debit card are not covered under this feature, as both these transaction types require your PIN.

How to claim under ICICI Bank Lost Card liability:

  • Loss of card has to be reported within 15 days from the day of loss
  • Mobile number should be updated, as ICICI Bank sends alert for every transaction
  • There should be 1 purchase transaction in the account in the last 90 days from the day the loss is reported

Documents required to claim ICICI Bank Lost Card liability:

  • A written application containing your ICICI Bank Debit Card Number, account number and the date of loss
  • Copy of Police complaint or FIR
  • Copy of Passport, in case the fraud happens outside India

If your ATM card is blocked then, you can unblock the card by calling ICICI Bank customer care. In case your card is blocked due to entering the incorrect PIN at an ATM or merchant outlet, the card will automatically get unblocked after 24 hours.

Learn more about ICICI Customer Care : ICICI Customer Care Contact Details