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Document Required for ATM Card

ATMs are also known by various other names like automated transaction machine, automated banking machine, money machine, bank machine, cash machine, hole-in-the-wall, cash point, Bancomat, Multibanco and Any Time Money (in India) .
To get an ATM Card, customer should be 18 yrs of age and needs to open either a Savings Account or a Current Account or a Corporate Payroll Account.

 Customer should have an Identity Card or a Passport for getting an ATM Card 

Following documents are required to open a Bank Account:-

For Opening Individuals Bank A/C
a) Identity Proof Documents
1. Passport
2. PAN card
3. Voter’s Identity Card
4. Driving license
5. Photo Identity card

b) Address Proof Documents

1. Passport
2. Voter’s Identity Card
3. Driving license
4. Telephone bill.
5. Bank account statement.
6. Letter from any recognized public authority verifying residence address of the customer to the satisfaction of the Bank
7.Electricity bill.
8. Ration card

Tips & Warnings with usage of ATM Cards

•Protect your ATM card from damage by keeping it in a safe place .Don't allow it to bend or be scratched.

•Memorize your PIN. Avoid numbers and letters that can be easily identified or associated with you.

•Always remember to take your card back from the machine. Do this as soon as it pops out.

•If your card gets sucked in as soon as you insert it, examine the slot very closely: some burglars insert a plastic sleeve that prevents the card from being read.

•Beware no one should be standing close to you when you are entering your PIN.

•Never let anyone see your PIN. Put your other hand around the keypad when you enter your number, and don't enter your number if anyone is standing too close.

•Don't give your PIN number to a friend or relative, even if you do it as a gesture of trust and friendship.

•Never write your PIN on your card or in your wallet or purse.

•Know what charges will be involved with ATM usage.