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Documents Required to open bank account

Bank accounts are the best way to store a person’s savings in the safest possible way. Not only saving the money, banks also give option to its users to earn an amount of interest from the savings in their accounts. But there are certain documents required to open bank account and the customer needs to follow some easy steps to get an account. Bank accounts are generally of two types, personal savings account and business or proprietors’ bank account.

Following are the documents required to open bank account:

  • One who is willing to open an account should submit a properly filled application form in capital letters along with the documents required to open bank account.
  • The customer should provide his/her passport size photographs and those should be signed by the respective person across the front side.
  • The customer should submit his/her identity proofs like:

 Photocopy of passport.

 Photocopy of pan card.

 Photocopy of voter's ID card.

 Photocopy of driving license card.

  • The customer should also submit the address proofs like:

 Photocopy of passport.

 Photocopy of pan card.

 Photocopy of telephone bill.

 Photocopy of bank account statement, if any other

  • The person who wants to open the account should carry along the original documents also with the photocopies if he/she is opening the account in person.
  • If the customer wishes to open an account online the same documents are required. The customer should fill the required information, take a print out of the application form and mail it to the respective bank.
  • Over writings should be carefully countersigned.