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Documents required for voter card

A voter ID card is an identification card issued by the government for identifying the citizens eligible for voting.

For any citizen to vote the individual should have his name registered in the voters list.

For such registration the person needs to fill up a Form 001.

Once the voter list registration has been done the individual needs to fill another form 006 for getting a voter id card.

The individual would also need to submit proof of residence for the purpose.

Documents which can work as proof of residence are:

1. Driving License
2. Passport
3. PAN card
4. Ration Card
5. Service identity card in case of State and Central Government
6. Passbook issued by bank or post office
7. Property document with deed and photograph.
8. Pension document
9. SC/ST/OBC document issued by a competent authority
10. Freedom fighter identity card
11. Student identity card issued by competent authority
12. Railway identification card
13. Arm’s License
14. Certificate of Physical Handicap by Competent authority

In case the person does not have a Voter ID card the individual can carry any of these to the polling booth and cast his vote.