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Electronic Ticket

The Electronic ticket or E Ticket is recently introduced by the Indian Railway to tap the vast potential of Internet and the ongoing information revolution. In future this ticket will come to replace the traditional one. It is the adaptation of Indian railway with the recent development and changing time. This ticket does away with the hassles travelling to the nearby PRS location and standing in long queue to get a ticket. Railway also wants to serve its customer in its own way and E ticket is but a respite for a large chunk of rail users.

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation) through its website controls the selling of this ticket. It has got relation with all nationalized banks for facilitation of payment. And all banks have got their own ways or plans for the benefit of their customers. They have through net banking have facilitated easy ticketing. Even their ATMs can be used for ticketing. Really, a innovative plan, thanks to the development of internet.

A user will have to open an account with IRCTC to log in and make tickets. The reservation opens at 5 AM and reservation is done till 11 Pm. Remember the traditional PRS location opens at 8 AM and closes at 8 PM. So it is bonus for internet users. Users can make ticket for any train of Indian railway and can plan their journey accordingly. Both Waiting list and confirmed tickets can be made. But if a passenger is placed on waiting list and finally after the chart preparation the ticket is not confirmed, please don’t board the train as waiting list E Tickets are not accepted as valid tickets. Railway refunds the money taken on such ticket. Hence such ticket holders are penalized for travelling without tickets.

During check by on board ticket checking staff a passenger will have to show one Identity card from the allowed five categories of cards. Those are:

• Passport
• Voter I card
• I cards issued by any state or central government institutions.
• Pan card
• Driving Licence

If a passenger fails to show an identity card that also in original then again he or she is liable to be penalized. So at the time of packing ensure that you have the requisite card thereby ensuring your hassle free travelling.