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Email service in Reliance

Email service in Reliance

Reliance Communications is a major mobile and telecommunication services provider in India and is part of the Reliance Group, one of the largest business groups in India and Asia.

Reliance Communications provides a complimentary email ID with 10MB space with their Broadband services. The attachments that can be sent through a reliance email has a higher limit of 2MB. It also offers a complimentary 2MB free web space that can be used to explicitly support the hosting of WebPages in HTML and Java formats. It is basically a POP3 mail box with anti-spam features. This email address comes with a feature that allows one to have a different name for the email ID than the name of broadband ID. We can very easily set up the email ID on a mail client like Outlook Express.

Since June 2009, Reliance have introduced the Reliance E-Lite plan for BlackBerry users in India. Now with this plan, users can have unlimited access to email and instant messaging (IM) on their BlackBerry smartphones by just paying a nominal fee per month for the services.

Reliance has a reputation of providing a highly efficient email services. Of course, like with every service providers, there are people who have complaints against the services.