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Excelerator Shield Policy Of Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance

Details on who could avail this Excelerator Shield Policy

Any person who is engaged in maintenance, repair and body work or own a garage should have Excelerator Shield Policy of Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company. Person who is dealing in the automobile business could also take advantage of this policy.

This particular policy covers damage to vehicles which are with you and are used on road for commercial purposes. These vehicles are insured against damages which are caused by accident due to external forces within the area. Therefore, in this policy you are safe with the vehicles which you are dealing in or the vehicles which are under your custody for ant maintenance purposes.

The Excelerator Shield Policy covers the following aspect

A) Fire, theft or damage to the vehicle because of an accident.

B) Business loss because of increased overhead costs or fire or damage to the car.

C) Electrical fault and dysfunction of electrical equipments which are required to maintain the vehicle.

E) Accidents that have resulted in serious injury or death.

F) Damage to any third party on your premises due to any accident.

G) Loss of gadgets or accessories attached.

H) Theft of money within the premises like burglary, dacoity, mugging.

I) Loss of money due to dishonest practices of an employee or conspiracy.

Benefits of the Excelerator Shield Policy

  • You would get benefit of up to Rs.100000/- per person.
  • Risk control and reduction programs.
  • Effective claim settlement.
  • Best rates.