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Fine Art Insurance – Art Dealers & Gallery Owners Of Iffco Tokio Insurance

Fine Art Insurance of Iffco Tokio Insurance is one of the most effective and comprehensive insurance policy packages that are specially designed for the art dealers and gallery owners. The terms and conditions and the benefits of the policy are designed to meet the insurance needs of the concerned people.

Insurance coverage

The Fine Art Insurance of Iffco Tokio Insurance provides coverage to all the consigned items and also other items of fine arts belonging to the private owners that are kept in the premises of the art gallery against any damage or loss at any place.

Major exclusions

As per the terms and conditions of the Fine Art Insurance policy, the policy will not be liable for providing coverage for

  • Any damage or loss arising out of:
  • Reframing, repairing, retouching, restoring or any similar activities.
  • Inherent defect, normal wear and tear, gradual deterioration, oxidation or rust, shrinkage or warping, and vermin or moth.
  • Any willful negligence or willful act such dishonesty or theft committed by the principal, partner, shareholder, director or other officer or any employee of the Insured, or any other person to whom insured property is kept or entrusted with.
  • Humidity, exposure, light, aridity or exposure to extremes of temperature unless such loss or damage is occurred as a result by frost, storm or fire.
  • Any short or loss discovered while taking inventory.
  • Any damage or loss to the property that is not registered in the stock records of the insured.


Any art dealers or gallery owners can take up the Fine Art Insurance for safeguarding their interest against damage or loss.