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Free Trading

Trading in the money markets of India is getting easier and even more simplified with a new technological break through almost every week. From the age old practice of filling forms to the new electronic age of today trading has indeed come a long way. Bourne by the rapid development of the internet and communications like the mobile phones connectivity is no longer an issue but a blessing. Trades can now be made from a laptop using wireless internet and penetration of India huge investor potential is slowly becoming a reality.

Free trading of stocks, futures and options are offered to investors through various websites. In our world of today where competition is everything. Pricing of the product to generate highest revenue is an important and integral part of any business. Trading is offered free to investors to catch the majority of market share. Investors however should be wary of hidden costs in annual subscriptions, advisory modules and other enhanced features that the brokers may offer. The key to success for these firms is to reach out to the masses and do business in sheer numbers to keep the pricing balanced and revenue on an upward trajectory.

Free trading also helps small investors who can trade easily nowadays with a minimal upfront investment. The security deposits have been waived and intraday generates quick upfront profits. These profits booked on a daily basis create an additional source of funds for the investor. An increase in money increases the purchasing power of the people and boosts the economy.