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Ganadevta Express

Ganadevta Express is another train that connects the bustling metropolis of Kolkata to its nearby towns and cities. Trains 3017 and 3018 run between Howrah and Azimganj. Train No. 3017 runs from Howrah to Azimganj. Passengers can opt for the AC Chair car ticket or the 2nd Sitting ticket. The train commences its journey at 6.05 AM and reaches the destination at 1.05 PM. The entire journey of 278 kms takes seven hours. This Mail Express train runs on a daily schedule. It makes 14 stops in all including the destination stop. The tickets cost Rs. 297 for AC Chair car seat and Rs. 84 for a 2nd Sitting seat.

Ganadevta Express Train No. 3018 does not run from Azimganj to Howrah. Rather, it runs from Rampur to Howrah. This train too offers AC Chair Car and 2nd Sitting options and this train too runs on a daily basis. Since the distance traveled is just 219 kms with only 10 stops, this train takes only 4 hours and 35 minutes to travel the distance, which is a lot less than the time taken by Train No. 3017. It begins the journey at 5.20 PM and reaches the destination at 9.45 PM. Tatkal facility is available in Ganadevta Express with Rs. 255 for the AC Chair car ticket and Rs. 73 for the 2nd Sitting ticket.