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Gas Booking


  1. Gas Booking in India
  2. How to Book Gas Cylinder from Home
  3. Documents to be maintained after getting new gas connection
  4. For more information on instant Gas Booking

Gas Booking in India

Gas Cylinder for domestic cooking usage in India is normally ordered through phone. The customer can call the nearby gas agency and dealer who take the order by confirming the customer number and normally delivers the gas cylinder in few days time to few weeks depending on the waiting queue and when was the last time the customer ordered the cylinder.

Normally the gas booking agency do not issue another cylinder within 21 days of the last cylinder.

The following guidelines help you order gas cylinder/refilling cylinders through gas agencies.

How to Book Gas Cylinder from Home

Read HP Gas Booking | Bharat Gas Booking | Indane Gas Booking

Following steps are to be followed to do gas booking from home

  • The customer will have to contact nearby HP Gas DealersBharat Gas Dealers or Indane Gas Dealers (from whomever them taken connection).
  • Apart from making a call to nearest dealer you can apply for the new connection online.
  • log on to any of the official website of the Indian standard gas providers.
  • Some of the URLS of the gas providers are , , etc.
  • First you need to open your user account and then click on the online application form.
  • After submission of the application form, you will get a customer id.
  • This id will be useful at the time of document submission. So make a note of the ID.
  • For the application procedure completion of a new gas connection the user will have to submit some documents as residence proof. The documents may be either the ration card, or the voter id card, or the telephone bill or the electricity bill. The flat possession documents, rent receipt or passport can also be used as valid residence proof.
  • With the completion of the formalities to do gas cylinder booking for home the gas cylinder will be delivered at the provided residence address.
  • The customer should not forget to collect the blue book or the pass book and the safety or the conservation literature book of the gas connection.
  • The hotplate is also required to buy which should be ISI marked and is available at the dealer. The user can buy it from any place but it is safe to check to the ISI mark.

Documents to be maintained after getting new gas connection

  • Make sure that your subscription voucher and domestic gas holder card are kept safe
  • These cards play important role to get back your security deposit at the time of gas connection termination.
  • The domestic gas holder card is also used to keep a track on your gas supplies.

For more information on instant Gas Booking

  • You can call the HP Gas helpline 1716 or 12665(for BSNL). Also Read HP Customer Care
  • If you are a subscriber of any of the below telecom providers then dial 56789 on vodafone and 56465 on Airtel
  • To book Indane gas cylinder, to refill it or to get new connection, the customers can contact Indane gas on following numbers.
  • For Landline users, dial 1260 on MTNL and 25611031 for other telecom service providers.
  • For Cell Phone Users : Airtel & Vodafone : 011 - 1260, Others : 011 – 25611031
  • For more information and query call 155233 or 1800 – 2333 – 555.
  • You can log on to and find the nearest LPG distributor.