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H4 Visa

H4 Visa is the type of Visa issued to the spouse or children under 21 years of age of the H Visa holders by the United States of America. We do not need to file any petition for H4 Visa; we have to attach the H Visa petition of the spouse along with the H4 application.


The below mentioned documents are expected for H4 Visa approval. Visit the US Consulate website to get the latest updates on the document details. The application form could be downloaded from [1]. Completed DS-156 and DS-167 forms

• Valid Passport

• H Visa holders petition copy and copy of all pages of the H holders passport

• Original receipt of the application fee payment made at HDFC bank

• One photograph of the applicant as specified by the consulate.

• Employment verification letter of the primary H Holder and last three months pay stubs.

• If the applicant is under than 14 years, original birth certificates.

• If the applicant is spouse, then the marriage certificate and marriage album with marriage invitation card. Better to provide the marriage ritual photographs, if you are a Hindu provide the photographs taken near the Agni homam.

Can’s and Can not’s by a H4 Visa holder:

• A H4 Visa holder can study in any school or university the US without applying for a student visa or without converting the visa into F Student Visa.

• A H4 Visa holder cannot work in the H4 status. A H4 visa can be transferred to H1 Status by an employer who is willing to file for the H1 status for the H4 holder.

• A H4 Visa holder can stay in the US as long as the primary H Visa holder is eligible to stay.

• A H4 Visa holder cannot apply for a social security number.

• A H4 Visa holder can apply for driver’s license, Open bank accounts reaching the United States.

• A H4 visa holder can apply for ITIN (The identification number used for joint tax filing purpose) when the primary H visa holder files their tax with the US government.

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