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In August, 1994 the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited ('''HDFC''') was incorporated in the name of HDFC Bank Limited. The Reserve Bank of India has approved in principle to set up private banks. HDFC was one of the first organizations to receive in principle approval from RBI. The HDFC Bank has its registered office in Mumbai. In January 1995, the operations of HDFC Bank as a commercial bank has commenced. In India and in international markets HDFC has an impeccable track record. HDFC has maintained a healthy growth and a consistency in its operations and remained as a leader in market of mortgages. The portfolio of HDFC’s outstanding loan has a million dwelling units. HDFC has a large corporate client base for housing related credit facilities. HDFC was ideally positioned to promote a bank in the Indian market with its experience and strong reputation in market of finance.

Mission Statement of HDFC Bank

To be a world class Indian bank


  • To build customer franchises across distinct businesses
  • To achieve healthy growth in profitability
  • To be the preferred provider of banking services for target retail and wholesale customer segments


  • Highest level of ethical standards
  • Professional integrity
  • Corporate governance
  • Regulatory compliance

Business Philosophy

The four values are the bank’s business philosophy,

  • Operational Excellence
  • Customer Focus
  • Product Leadership
  • People


Chairman -- In July 2001 Mr. Jagdish Capoor has taken the responsibilities of the bank as Chairman. He was a Deputy Governor of the RBI Managing

Director – Mr. Aditya Puri is the managing director of the HDFC bank, Before he was with CitiBank as a head for operations in Malaysia

Board of Directors – The members of the HDFC bank’s Board of Directors are senior banking professionals with experience in abroad and India, who head various businesses.


With its strengths and its talented people the HDFC banks has made all its efforts to achieve its mission to be World Class Indian bank. Its services are recognized not only nationally but also internationally. The HDFC bank is appreciated with so many awards like Best Bank in India, Most Trusted Brand Runner Up, Best Domestic Bank in India for its services.

Products and Services Offered by HDFC Bank

Address and Important Phone numbers of HDFC Bank

List of all HDFC branches information can be found in the link : HDFC Branches