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HDFC Banking

HDFC bank offers three types of banking services,

Personal Banking
The HDFC Personal banking deals with Accounts & Deposits, Loans, Cards, Investments & Insurance, Forex and Trade Services, Payment Services, Private Banking for each individual customer. The HDFC bank offers products like savings accounts, salary accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits, recurring deposit, Demat account, safe deposit lockers, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, etc to the personal banking customers. The bank also offers services like net banking, phone banking, mobile banking, Email statements, ATM, etc to the personal banking customers.

The HDFC personal banking has Imperia Banking which offers customized investment advisory, client relationship manager and exclusive privileges. The HDFC personal baking has preferred banking which offers preferential rates on various banking products, a dedicated banker and other exclusive benefits. The HDFC classic banking is a part of personal banking which offers you a preferentially priced products and specialized investment solutions.

NRI Banking
The HDFC NRI banking deals with NRI customers. It offers products like Rupee savings accounts, Rupee current accounts, Rupee fixed deposits, Foreign currency deposits, accounts for Returning Indians, Compare Accounts to its NRI customers. The HDFC bank also offers services like remittances, Mutual Funds, Private Banking, Portfolio Investment Schemes, Net Safe, Direct Pay, Visa Money Transfer, net banking, phone banking, mobile banking, Email statements, ATM, etc to the NRI banking customers.

Wholesale Banking
The HDC bank offers wholesale banking for Corporate, Small & Medium Enterprises, Financial Institutions & Trusts, and Government Sectors. The bank offers products like Funded services, Non-funded services, value added services, supply chain partners, agricultural lending to large corporate.

For Small & Medium Enterprises the bank offers products and services like Working Capital Finance, Commercial Vehicle Finance, Construction Equipment Finance, Medical Equipment Finance, Short Term Finance, Bill Discounting, Credit Substitutes, Export Credit, Real Estate Initiatives, Channel Financing, Payment Gateway Service, etc.

For Financial Institutions & Trusts the HDFC bank offers products and services like Clearing Sub-membership, Funds Transfer, Trade Finance services, ATM Tie-ups, Corporate Salary Accounts, Tax Collection, India Link, Cash Management Services, Custodial Service, Payment Services, etc.

The HDFC banking also offers Advisory services and research services for its personal banking, NRI banking and Wholesale banking customers.