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HDFC Demat

The HDFC bank has over eight lakh demat accounts across India. HDFC Demat offers you convenient and secure services to manage your investments and securities. The HDFC demat offers you paperless services as the physical documents may lose or damaged over time. The HDFC Demat account allows you to make hassle free transactions online. There are different types of HDFC demat accounts such as Individual demat account, joint demat account and corporate demat accounts.

The HDFC Demat has the following benefits,

  • Transfer of securities does not have any stamp duty.
  • Market lots concept does not exist
  • The refunds from Public Issue are automatically credited to your account.
  • Your liquidity is enhanced by shorter settlements.
  • All the transaction details are communicated through email
  • All the holding details can be viewed online at any time
  • Change of signature or address can be made through online easily
  • Off market transactions and traded securities are settled

The HDFC demat account holder can give delivery instructions online through SPEED-e website. This provides a flexible and convenient facility for the account holder. SPEED-e is internet based transaction. The processing through SPEED-e is secured and avoids instruction slips preparation and submitting in the counter. The processing is very fast, simple and flexible.

Apply for HDFC Demat
You can apply for HDFC demat account online by logging into the HDFC banks website and filling the online application form. Once you fill in the application form the HDFC bank’s executive will get in touch with you to collect the required documents and fee applicable. You can also call the HDFC bank for demant account, the bank’s executive will give you all the necessary details to apply for the demat account. You can visit your nearest HDFC bank branch to apply for demat account with required documents.

Fees and Charges
For Dematerializations the charges are Rs. 3 per certificate, plus Rs. 35/- per request.

For Rematerialisation At actuals, as levied by the Depository Currently Rs. 10/- per certificate

For Equity Transaction – Sell 0.04 % of the value of the transaction
For Folio Maintenance Rs. 500.00 per demat account per annum
For Pledge Services the charges are 0.04% of the value of the shares
For Debt Transactions – sell 0.04 % of the value of the transaction. Minimum Rs 500/- and Maximum Rs 5000/- per Transaction