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HDFC Housing

The name HDFC stands for Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. As the name indicates HDFC is most famous for its finance schemes and loans for housing and development sector. HDFC offers world class service for housing finance. HDFC has a wide range of housing loan products suitable to all kinds of people with different financial positions. The main motive of HDFC is to promote home ownership in India by enhancing the financial capacity of each individual. HDFC housing loans are hassle-free and have easy repayment schemes. HDFC helps people to make their dream of house come true. Late Mr. Hasmukhbhai Parekh was the founder of HDFC and was chairman for it. He was a man a mission to change the way of mortgage finance sectors.

HDFC Housing Loans Advantages

  • Door step service
  • Wide range of products
  • Easy repayment options
  • Services after disbursement
  • Help to find you house suitable to your requirements
  • Financing network for wide areas
  • Counseling for housing loans provided

The following are different types of home loans available with HDFC,

Home Loan
Based on the repayment capacity of the customer the HDFC offers home loans for individuals. The loan can be for purchase of fresh home or resale homes or construct houses. The bank also offers joint loans where more than one applicant can apply for the same property. The bank can finance up to 85% of the property cost. The property cost includes registration charges, stamp duty and agreement value.

Home Extension Loan
The HDFC offers Home Extension Loans for the individuals who want to extend their current property or house. The terms applicable are same as for the Home loan.

Home Improvement Loan
The HDFC offers loans for structural, internal and external improvements of the house. These improvements cover tiling, flooring. Electric works, plumbing, water proofing and painting. These improvement loans are subject to market value of the property.

Land Purchase Loan
The HDFC offers Land Purchase Loans for purchasing lands either for construction purpose or for investment purpose. The repayment period for the land purchase loan is a maximum of fifteen years.

You can choose from floating interest rate or fixed interest rate structure for your home loan. You can also choose partly floating or partly fixed interest rates. The HDFC offers flexible repayment options to suit your needs. The HDFC offers you In-house scrutiny of property documents also.

Apply for Home Loan
You can visit the HDFC website and fill in the query form for Home loans. The bank’s executives will contact you with suitable loan options as per your requirements. You can call your nearest HDFC branch and enquire about the home loans suitable for your needs. You can visit your nearest HDFC branch with all you requirements.