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The HDFC bank offers special banking facility called HDFC NRI banking. The HDFC NRI banking deals with NRI customers. It offers products like Rupee savings accounts, Rupee current accounts; Rupee fixed deposits, foreign currency deposits, accounts for Returning Indians, Compare Accounts to its NRI customers. The HDFC bank also offers services like remittances, Mutual Funds, Private Banking, Portfolio Investment Schemes, Net Safe, Direct Pay, Visa Money Transfer, net banking, phone banking, mobile banking, Email statements, ATM, etc to the NRI banking customers.

HDFC bank has a facility of HDFC Quick Remit which allows the NRI’s to transfer funds from other banks of other countries (outside India) to HDFC bank account. The funds can be transferred to either self account or to a beneficiary’s HDFC bank account. The funds can also be transferred to other bank accounts in India. The HDFC bank offers quick remit facility to 20800 branches of around 90 banks in India. A demand draft can also be issued to the beneficiary instead of online transfer. The HDFC bank offers delivery of Demand Draft for 1650 locations across India.

The HDFC bank offers Quick remit for the countries like North America, UK, Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and others. You can visit the HDFC bank website for the links of Quick Remit for different countries. The HDFC bank can collect cheque for the currencies GBP, USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, SGD, NZD, JPY, CHF, HKD, NOK, AED, SEK.

Benefits of Quick Remit
Following are the benefits of HDFC bank Quick Remit facility,

  • You can transfer funds by online by click of a mouse
  • You can send cheques from comfort of your home
  • The HDFC quick remit has no limits to transfer funds. You can transfer as much as you need.
  • You can get more rupees for your remittance through HDFC superior exchange rates.

The HDFC bank offers different types of accounts for NRIs like NRE savings account. NRO savings account, Special RI savings account, NRE current account, NRO current account. The HDFC bank also offers different types of fixed deposits for NRIs such as NRE fixed deposits, NRO fixed deposits, Super Saver Account, Sweep-in Account.