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HDFC Standard Life

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited, is one of the leading private insurance companies in India. A group of company of the Standard Life Plc, UK, and the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) has started their joint venture called HDFC Standard Life Insurance. The HDFC Standard Life Insurance offers a range of group and individual insurance solutions.

Your long term investments are managed efficiently and safely by the HDFC Standard Life as it is a joint venture of leading financial services groups. The HDFC Standard Life offers products like Protection Plans, Retirement Plans, Savings and Investment Plans, Health Plans, Children’s Plans and Group Plans. The tag line for HDFC Standard Life is “Sar Utha Ke Jiyo”. HDFC is one of the most trusted companies in India which follows the standards in industry to offer best value for money.

The HDFC Standard Life Protection plans deals with financial losses due to income loss in case of a person’s early demise or critical illness. It helps to ensure one’s family protection financially. HDFC Standard Life Children’s Plans deals with children education, life style and marriage. It helps you to provide economic support to you child when they need it. HDFC Standard Life Retirement Plans deals with your retirement plans, its like save while you earn and spend when you don’t earn. This plan helps you to get pension after your retirement. The HDFC Standard Life Savings and Investment Plans deals with proper planning of your investments and savings for your better future. This plan ensures your family’s future expenses are taken care even if something unfortunate happens to you. The HDFC Standard Life Health Plans deals with health related insurance plans which takes care of you and your family’s medical expenses in case of any illness.

The HDFC Standard Life also offers Group Plans which deals with employee benefits insurances. The group plans that HDFC Standard Life offers are Group Term Insurance Plan, Group Variable Term Insurance Plan, Group Gratuity Solutions, Group Superannuation Solution, and Group Leave Encashment Solution. For Insurance plans and policies of HDFC Standard Life you can contact them in person or call them or you can visit the website of HDFC Standard Life.