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HDFC Netbanking

Submitted by Ekikrat on Fri, 06/13/2008 - 14:49

HDFC Netbanking is the internet banking service which provides you the information of your accounts and let you mange your account online from anywhere, anytime. It avoids the long queues and lots of paper work. With HDFC bank’s Netbanking you can manage your account by a click of a mouse. The HDFC Netbanking uses good infrastructure and standard technologies to provide safe and secure service to its clients.

Services offered through HDFC Netbanking

  • Funds transfer between accounts
  • Demand Draft request
  • Bills payment
  • Cheque Book order
  • Account Statement and View Balances
  • Online Fixed deposits
  • Request to stop payment of a cheque
  • Third Party transfer

How to Use Apply for HDFC Net banking
To use HDFC Netbanking service, you first have to enable it. For this, no need to visit your branch. The registration process is convenient, fast, simple and paperless. You can register through phone banking, but you must have a bank account to register for net banking service. Call up phone banking and authenticate yourself using the TIN (telephone identification number).

The agent of phone banking will take your request for Netbanking registration. The Netbanking password (IPIN) will be couriered to your address which you have mentioned with the bank. You can also visit your nearest branch of HDFC Bank to get the application form and submit it in the bank after filling in the details. You will be required to sign the form (which will be matched with your signature with bank records) instantaneously.

Normally your Netbanking account gets enabled in 3-5 days. You can also register through ATM for the HDFC Netbanking. Visit your nearest ATM center for HDFC bank, after entering your pin for debit card, choose net banking registration option. The IPIN will be delivered to you by courier.

How to Use HDFC Netbanking
Go to HDFC Website and on right hand side, select HDFC Bank NetBanking, hit login and enter your Online HDFC Login/password. Alternatively you can directly use HDFC Netbanking Page. After logging in you will be shown your account summary, then you can transfer funds, order for a cheque book online and can manage your account completely.