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HP Gas Booking

HP gas is the HPCL LPG brand which provides cooking gas for residential and commercial (hotel/marriages) use. In India, HP gas is bottled in the cylinders in different plants of the country with a total capacity of about 2500 thousand metric tons per annum.


  1. How to Book HP Gas
  2. How to do HP Gas Booking Online?
  3. How to do HP Gas Booking on Phone
  4. HP Gas Booking through HP Gas Dealer
  5. Cost of HP Gas Cylinders
  6. Documents required for new HP Gas Booking

How to Book HP Gas

To book HP Gas cylinder, the person has to be a customer of HP Gas. If you are not an HP Gas customer, you can apply for it

There are 3 ways to book a HP gas cylinder,

  • Through Online
  • Through Phone
  • Through HP Gas Dealer/Agency

How to do HP Gas Booking Online?

  1. To book HP gas, log on to the official website of HP (Hindustan Petroleum) gas, (
  2. From there user has to sign in for a Jihaan Account. For signing, type in your E-mail ID and password of their choice within the prescribed number of characters.
  3. After entering on to this part one needs to provide their customer or consumer id number.
  4. You will be getting the response shortly from HP Gas representative.
  5. Once you successfully submit the application form you will be receiving a customer id and an email to your personal account to submit the documents required.
  6. Your next job is to submit the documents in the nearest branch, and now your application for the HP Gas connection gets completed.
  7. The application submitted and the documents received will cross verified, and if all the details turn out to be true then the new connection will be allotted to you.

How to do HP Gas Booking on Phone

For phone booking, the number that one needs to dial is 12665. The booking can be done any time since this a single 24-hour booking number.

HP Gas Booking through HP Gas Dealer

  • Visit the nearest HP Gas dealer and book the gas (only for registered users and to the corresponding agency/dealers, others won't be able to issues you a cylinder)
  • To find the nearest HP locator you can log on to the link HP Gas Dealer Address and Contact Details and find the address and contact number.
  • For more information on nearest distributor and contact number visit HP Customer Care

Cost of HP Gas Cylinders

The cost for 2 cylinders is Rs. 1250 each i.e. Rs 2500 both. The cost for a refundable deposit for one regulator is Rs. 150. The domestic gas consumer card comes for Rs. 25. The refill cost depends on from area to area.

Extra charges are applicable for hotplates and Suraksha hose rubber tube. The new connection installation charges are Rs. 25. And the inspection charges for hotplate are Rs. 25.

Other stamp duties are also applicable.

Documents required for new HP Gas Booking

  • The customer will have to submit documents as residence proof to do HP gas booking. The documents considered as valid residence proofs are; house lease agreement, rent receipt, ration card, passport, telephone or electricity bill, self-declaration attested by gazetted officers.
  • In some states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka the gas connection can be received only at the presentation of ration card.
  • If the user has any more queries he/she can contact the regional manager of the area.

Important documents to be maintained to retrieve back the caution deposit

  • You must maintain your subscription voucher and domestic gas holder card.
  • These documents play a vital role at the time of gas connection termination.
  • If one fails to resubmit these two cards they the security deposit will not be refunded.