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"Hai sitaron pe nazar" pari hoon main

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Pari Hoori Started on jan 28,2008

It is a story of reality turning out to be bigger than dreams. The story is about Nikki, a sweet simple girl who lives at the mercy of her maami. The story is also about superstar of Indian film industry Pari Roy Chaudhary. Both exist in their own extremely different world, but they have one thing in common - both remotely look like each other.

   Niiki is a diehard heart fan of star Rajveer Kapoor and often dreams about him, while Pari is his co-star in real life but she is nothing more than a tantrum throwing actress who is hated by all.

Fate and situations play the trick and Nikki lands up in place of Pari. In the big dream world of films, which Nikki had only heard of. Karan, the assistant director who brings Niiki in Pari is place and Rajveer play a key role in her new found existence.

From here its Nikki is journey to realise the real world behind the gloss of silver screen and to undo all the animosity Pari had accumulated from everyone around her. Niiki is posed with the challenge of hiding this truth from the world and her family. It is Niiki is struggle amidst all these hurdles and impediments and finding meaning for the new relationships in her life.

The show is a roller coaster ride of emotions. High drama, fun, tension and romance.

Monday-Thursday that airs only on Star one at 9 pm.