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Hamari Betiyoon Ka Vivaah

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This story is about Kohli's family. They are middle class people from Delhi with four daughters. Kulraj Kohli is the mother who keeps complaining about not having a constant income from her professor husband. She wanted her daughters to get married to rich families. Her husband constantly acts against her dreams. The second eldest daughter, Trishna is reluctant about marriage. Though the sisters are adjusting to each other's marriages, they find flood of hurdles on their path.

A love triangle between Trishna, Raj, and Rajdeep.At last Trishna accepted the love for Raj. There lies a twist that Raj Kul had not intended to marry Trishna and in the meantime the real Rajdeep had too fell for Trishna without knowing that Raj is too in love with her. While Trishna is determined to turn down Rajdeep for Raj, even though Kul feels that Rajdeep is richer, Raj comes to a stage where he has to decide between his lover and his best friend.

And about Tanya and Kanhaiya, the story is that Kanhaiya has raped Tanya and issued even issued marriage invitations to everybody. Kul tried to stop Tanya from making any decisions. But to avoid any problems to her family she accepts to marry Kanhaiya. At last Raj stops her and marries her. Besides these the marriage of Sujata and Raghav was stopped by an hindrance from astrological beliefs. But Raj tries to solve things out.

Mr.Trivedi envies for the care given by Raghav to the Kohlis family. While he tried to lure Sujata from Raghav, Sujata loses her teacher job. Sujata starts behaving reluctant towards Raghav and so Raghav threatens his father that he would become a brahmachari(priest).

==Created by :== Cinevistaas Limited

==Directed by :== Krishan Sethi

==Produced by :== Prem Kishen & Sunil Mehta

Cast :

Raju Kher
Himani Shivpuri
Sonali Suryavanshi
Parivaa Pranati
Shalini Chandran
Roopal Tyagi
Omar Vani
Vikas Sethi/Sanjit Bedi
Puneet Vashisht
Jitendra Trehan
Anju Mahendroo
Priya Ahuja

==Telecast time :== 7.00 P.M to 7.30 P.M (30 mins long)

==When :== Telecasted on Monday - Friday

==Which TV :== <a href="/node/64414">Zee TV</a>