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Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai

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Prarthna – An orphan by birth is the character that focuses this story.Her desire is to get arranged-marriage in a happy joint family.Prarthna hopes that one day she will walk in a house which is full of warmth and love with her nurtured tauji and taiji were she has been brought up.

Har ghar kuch kehta hai is also a similar story of Sidhhi who is the cousin sister of Prarthna.Siddhi mostly in her life lived in abroad so she is vibrant and indepent girl and cant understand the concept of an arranged marriage and neither she can tolerate being surrounded by people. If she gets married she thinks that ,it will be only her and her love and also she believes that one must marry her true love.

In addition to the life of siddhhi ,this story is also based on the life of Sanskriti who is model by profession and straightforwarded and blunt in her attitude. Sanskritivouches for a live in relation because she cant understand the concept of marriage and she doesn’t believe that a marriage can hold two people which is stronger than love.

Directed By Pawan Sinha

Created By Shreya creations

Casts :

Rati Pandey
Vineet Raina
Rio Kapadia
Meghna Malik
Nasir Kazi
Yash Sinha
Amrita Prakash
Shabnam Mishra
Ridheema Tiwari
Aanchal Anand
Sachin Shroff
Nigaar Khan
Alok Nath

Timings : 30 mins