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Hinduja Brothers

Parmanand Hinduja (born 1901 at Sindh, Shikarpur) has four sons who have come to be known as the Hinduja brothers. The Hinduja brothers consist of Srichand (born 28 November 1935) and Gopichand (born 29 February 1940) are both London-based, and are UK citizens. The third of the brothers, Prakash lives in Geneva and is a Swiss national while the last of the brothers, Ashok, is in Mumbai and an Indian citizen.

Career of Hinduja Brothers

The brothers have diverse business interests such as telecommunications, global finance, oil and film businesses. Their father Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja is the founder of the the business. Srichand and Gopichand had moved to the UK to develop the export business set up by their father in 1979. Srichand and Gopichand are reputed to be amongst the top ten richest persons in the world. They have established their Hinduja Foundation which offers donations to charitable work. Parmanand Hinduja died at Mumbai in 1971.

Important Works by Hinduja Brothers

Parmanand Hinduja established the 'Seth Deepchand Gangaram Hinduja Health Care' in 1951 In 1953, the 'National Hospital' was set up with 30 beds which was handed over to the National Health & Education Society'. The National Hospital was upgraded with 100 beds which became a modern health care and research hospital in 1976 renamed as P.D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre after Paramanand Hinduja passed away in 1971.

The Hinduja brothers established their business in Iran and then at London in 1979 which now spans banking, oil, pharmaceuticals, media, textiles, trucks, tea, dried fruits, spices and film industry.

The Hinduja family was charged with involvement in the sensational Bofors arms corruption case which they were cleared of after about 15 years. They were accused of involved in the kickbacks in this 1986 Rs. 143.772 million arms deal which led to the ouster of the then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi.They have been involved in various other cases such as citizen application case.