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How To Apply For Duplicate Death Certificate?

The need for Death Certificate:

The Government issues a Death Certificate of the deceased to the nearest relatives stating the date, cause and fact of death. One need to register a death so that there is proof of death to relieve the individual from any legal, social and official business, to enable settlement of insurance, property inheritance and other benefits.

Within 21 days it is mandatory to register the death of a person with the concerned State/UT Government under the law. The Registrar General in India of the Government is at the centre which has provided a well defines system for registering deaths and at the periphery is the Chief Registrars in the State running through district, village and town registrars.

Process to get a copy of Death Certificate:

The death certificates are filed in the country, state, city or the local records office and not with the federal government. To get the address of the office in the state/area in which a death has occurred one need to contact the National Centre for Health Statistics and then visit or write to the appropriate vital statistics office.

To get a death certificate one need to provide require information of the deceased in the application form and pay for the number of required copies. The cost of the death certificate varies from location to location.

If a death occurred outside the country of birth then one need to contact the nearest embassy or consulate in which death occurred.