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How To Apply For Duplicate Marriage Certificate

Copy of Marriage Certificate in India

Marriage certificate is a vital official document which records a marriage between 2 persons and is necessary for maiden name changes.

How to Obtain Marriage Certificate

A. Under Special Marriage Act 1954 for marriages to be solemnized

I. Who can apply: Applicant bridegroom to be 21 years of age and bride to be 18 years of age.

II. Necessary Documents: to be submitted by both applicants:

a. Age proof – either Leaving Certificate, Passport, Birth Certificate or SSC Board Certificate

b. Residential proof – either Ration Card, Election Card, Passport, or utility bills in their own name

c. Photographs

d. All documents to be submitted in Original and 1 attested photocopy

e. In addition to the above, for case of Widow & widower: Municipal Death Certificate of person concerned

f. For Divorcees: Divorce Decree Certificate is compulsory

B. Under Section 16 of Special Marriage Act 1954:

I. Prescribed application form to be duly filled and signed by both Husband and wife

II. Under sub-section 16 in Special Marriage Act, 30 days advance notice for applications

III. Both parties should be present and living together in the jurisdiction of the Marriage Officer

IV. Proof of residence must be attached with application